How to Create a Happy Workplace


We often hear of employees talking smack about their employers and how they are not happy there. More often than not, things can get pretty ugly due to all that unnecessary office politics (unavoidable).


That’s the way cookies crumble.


But heys… No one has to work in a despondent environment forever. Don’t like your depressing workplace? Want to change the situation for the better? Here are some basic tips on how you can change that around.

1. Hire happy personalities

Happy personalities
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This may sound like you are being prejudicial towards people who are Debbie Downers but hey they can pretty much affect the general environment in your office. It’s like a domino effect, s/he will affect their colleagues by bringing in bad news, gossips, and never have anything nice to say in general. It’s a killer for general motivation in the workplace.


Most times as hiring managers, you’d focus more on relevant work experience and past experiences than the personality. You’re right to want those things to grow your company, but ignoring personality is a mistake.


Candidates who have stellar resumes on paper may not be the best person to bring into your office. Take note of how you feel around such candidate. Watch out if they focus more on negative or positive things. What can you draw from their overall body language?


Track record performances are important, but having a Debbie Downer in the workplace kills productivity and motivation. You’ll want to avoid those.

2. Positivity-focused mindset

Positivity-focused mindset
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Coming from the previous point, try to focus on the positive side rather than the negative parts. It’s easy to focus on the negative rather than the positive. Many places get caught up with that.


Instead of focusing on what don’t work, focus on what worked and go from there – as a team. It doesn’t mean you should completely ignore things that need improvements on. Rather, it means you are looking for the good and you’ll find it. If you look for the bad, everything will look unwelcoming.

3. Give back to your company

Give back to your company
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Do you know what can easily make your employees happy? And possibly make them stay in your company longer? By giving back to them.


It usually comes in the form of gratuity. Gratuity can be anything ranging from a bonus, company dinner, company trips and whatnot. More often than not, it’s possible that when you treat your staffs a bit, they may not mind going the extra mile by doing a bit more for you. It can also increase the quality and quantity of work produced.


Having a company-wide initiative makes a difference will make your employees feel connected to the greater good. Your thoughtful actions translate into a happy work environment.


You can have a happy workplace if you make the effort to turn it into a happy workplace. It may not reflect immediate effects at once but in the long term, it may.

4. Greeting your employees

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A simple good morning or hello takes you a long way in the workplace. Your staffs want to feel and be happy at the workplace. Give them a little nudge in the morning with a smile and greet them.


Every now and then, ask your employees periodically how they are doing. Simple questions about how their weekend was and check to see if anyone needs assistance with ongoing projects.


Creating an environment that makes everyone feel comfortable means you’ll have happy employees. Having a positive workplace atmosphere is important in terms of workplace happiness and your employees’ productivity and energy levels. All that starts with you setting a jovial tone.


Greeting your employees by saying “good morning” can be enough to turn anyone’s bad day around. Being upbeat and genuine in the way you approach them can boost their self-esteem, making them be more motivated. It can also remind them working for you is pretty great.


In the long run, you may see your team members beginning to mimic your welcoming gesture to each other. It puts everyone in a better mood and snowballs into a long-term vibe improvement.

5. Do appraisals and recognitions often

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Employees feeling underappreciated at work is one of the leading reasons why they leave their work. Worst is when you, as an employer, start being a Debbie Downer and point out at mistakes more than their upsides.


Yes, it beats out having a low salary, limited vacation days, and not having enough life outside of work. By offering frequent praises and recognition, your employees will be excited and eager to contribute to company-wide initiatives.


You can ask team members how they want to be recognised for a well-done job – if you want. It can be a simple and quick “You Did It” shout-out during a meeting. Sometimes, ti might be a 1-to-1 positive feedback session.


Just be consistent. If a team member deserves to be recognised for outstanding work, let them know right away. You need not to wait for their “review”. Waiting for it is so last century, get on with the times.

6. Make work fulfilling

Make work fulfilling
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Everyone wants to do work that matters. They want to make to feel important, that is what appraisals are for.


Another way to take care of your employees and make them feel happy in the office, give them work that makes them feel important.


In order to make your team members feel like they are doing worthy work, they will first and foremost need to fully understand the company’s mission and purpose. Your job is to make sure they know what it looks like.


Summarise and do a quick run-down of what each and every department does and why they do it. When employees see how the organisation works from all angles and perspectives, they feel better connected to the business and more committed to making it a success.


You know what other ways you can make your employees’ work fulfilling. Get them to involve in partnering with a local charity. Giving back to the community opens your employees’ eyes in realising work for the greater good is really what it is all about.



To ensure these implementations are prudent and last long, practice them regularly. Remind your team often they are an integral part of the company. Incorporate these ideas to your workplace to see results.


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