WorkHouzz: Basic Essential Things To Know

WorkHouzz is pretty much a straightforward platform to use. It is mainly targeted at employers who are looking for people to hire. Let us educate you about what are the main purposes of this platform as a whole.

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WorkHouzz is an online portal made for Singaporean companies or any companies based in Singapore who is looking for foreign workers to hire. Short on labourers that your company direly need? Come to WorkHouzz to have your hiring shortage disputes solved.

You may ask: “What kind of workers or labourers do you provide?” Well, as mentioned earlier TalentHouzz provides foreign workers to SMEs and SMBs in Singapore.


This platform specialises in sourcing general, semi-skilled and skilled foreign workers from China, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. Here are the kind of workers TalentHouzz help source:


WorkHouzz Occupations
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So far TalentHouzz is made just for Singaporean SMEs and SMBs, or any small to medium companies based in Singapore. Any Singaporean SMEs and SMBs who are looking to hire foreign semi-skilled and skilled workers, WorkHouzz is here to cater to that need.


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If you are an SME or SMB, all you need to do is to sign up for leads. We will send you leads (workers) based on the packages you choose.


TalentHouzz provides three packages for SMEs and SMBs looking to hire. This only applies if you are coming from an agency. The packages are as follows:


  • 10 Leads @ SGD$1,000
  • 35 Leads @ SGD$3,000
  • 65 Leads @ SGD$5,000


Image via PixabayDo take note that leads will be delivered within 3 months after payment has been made in full. Pro-rated refunds will be made if we failed to deliver, and every lead will be pre-qualified. Information such as company name, UEN number, contact person, contact number, position, and available quota will be provided. Each leads given will be shared with 5 (max) agencies.


If you choose to pay via online, we only accept payment via PayPal and Stripe. If its offline order, you can pay via bank-in to our bank account at the following details:


iPrima Media Sdn Bhd




For online orders, apply here. For offline orders, apply here.

If you are not an agency but would still like to hire foreigners nonetheless, here is what you need to know. The work pass is categorised into different types to match employees’ skill levels.


A work permit is needed for unskilled/semi-skilled foreign workers. Keep note only workers from specific source countries stated by MOM are eligible for a work permit.


S Pass is the work visa that is better suited for semi-skilled or mid-level skilled staffs. The employees should earn a minimum SGD$2,200/month to be eligible to hold the S Pass. Holders of the S Pass need to have a minimum of degree or diploma certificate.


Employment pass is for foreigners who are hired for professional level, manager level, and executive level jobs in Singapore.


If you are an employer looking for professionals to hire now, click here to apply.


Got questions? Feel free to contact us for any burning questions you have.